Nordic Walking - Improvement

Fitness/Wellness Nordic Walking session. It will be suitable for people who wish to maintain or improve their fitness level. The session will be of light to moderate intensity for a duration of 2 hours with a maximum height difference of 300m and a distance covered of 10km maximum.
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A Nordic walking session is always done in three stages.

  1. A warm-up lasting 10 to 15 minutes is designed to prepare the body for the effort that will follow. It is composed of several exercises that the instructor will make evolve with each session.
  2. The body practice lasting from 1 to 1h30 will alternate between pedagogical group time and practice time. The instructor will be there to advise you and correct you to help you progress. During this bodybuilding session, through several exercises, we will be able to tackle very different themes such as: coordination, balance, flexibility, breathing, playfulness, bodybuilding, endurance/cardio, ascent and descent techniques, proprioception, obstacle crossing...
  3. Stretches lasting 10 to 15 minutes are very important. They allow the muscles, tendons and ligaments to regain their physiological balance and work on flexibility.
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Good to know about the adventure
Nordic Walking - Improvement

The price include
- Supervision by a state-qualified mountain leader and Nordic walking instructor.
- The loan of Nordic walking poles for the first session. (Come with your own poles if you already have them).
The price does not include
- Transportation to the starting point of the hike.
Schedule and meeting place
The areas where we will practice Nordic Walking are numerous and varied around Annecy and generally less than 30 minutes drive from the city centre. They will be chosen by the instructor according to the level and theme of the session and the weather of the day. A summary email will be sent to you before each session to inform you of the exact meeting places and times.
Participant’s personal equipment
- The clothes: They must be functional, comfortable and adapted to the weather of the day. They must allow a good range of movement of the arms while providing good protection against cold, rain or heat. Be careful not to cover up too much in winter. Prefer synthetic or merino wool clothing that dries quickly.
- Shoes: The recommended shoes are of the "trail or running" type. Prefer a good notched sole for grip and a low upper for a good rolling of the foot.
- Accessories: Headlamp, hydration system (belt water bottle or bag with water pocket), "trail" type backpack close to the body.
"Fitness/Well-being" level will correspond to people who wish to maintain or improve their physical fitness. The session will be of light to moderate intensity for a duration of 2 hours with a maximum height difference of 300m and a maximum distance covered of 10km.
Session assured for a group of at least 6 participants.
The group, made up of a maximum of 12 participants, will be supervised by a French mountain leader, state-qualified and Nordic walking instructor.

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