Training safety "Do your ski track"

The winter mountain is a medium of random danger of avalanche. Knowing the snow is a long learning. The training of the Annecy Guides Office will give you elements to progress in your knowledge of the snow and the choice of the route to help you know how far you can go while remaining safe. The limit of one is not that of the other, it depends on your personal experience and your psychology. The important thing is to know where you may have to change directions or turn around.
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Do your ski track

The main elements addressed:

The choice of the route to the climb.
The choice of the route to the descent
The use of maps and inclination of slopes.
The snow cuts to appreciate the stability of the snowpack.
The method of "small bumps" to test the snowpack.
The route selection strategy with location, duration, meteorological and
snow report.
The 3x3 method and its limits
The confrontation of the elements of the bulletin nivo-weather and the conditions on the ground.
What security tools: Arva, Airbag ...
The few days of maximum danger of winter.
The training cycle will take place over 3 days. It is best to attend the 3 days, but it is
possible to come a day.

First day: The route and the trail in ski touring.

Second day: The itinerary and the trail in off-piste skiing (La Clusaz or Grand Bornand).
Third day: Application of teaching in the main off-piste routes of Chamonix.

The best time for training is the beginning of the season or the snow is the most unstable. The dates
are distributed in December January to see the change of the snowpack.

3-day consecutive cycles are possible if you are a group or a club. 

Good to know about the adventure
Training safety "Do your ski track"

The prix include
- Supervision by a mountain guide
- The loan of avalanche safety gear (DVA + SHOVEL + PROBE) possibly
The price doesn't includes
- Transportation
- Accommodation
- Restoration
- The insurance
- Personal gear
Good point of the training
An internship suitable for practitioners already initiated at the base of mountain safety who wish to develop their practical and theoretical knowledge to gain autonomy.
Place of the training
La clusaz-Les Aravis-Grand-Bornand and Chamonix
Meeting place
Massif des Aravis
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