Annecy trail running

Come and discover or improve your skills with a mountain leader specializing in trail running. You will have the chance to leave lightly, sneakers on your feet, to discover the heights of Lake Annecy and its surroundings. From the half-day initiation to the full day of trail running, we offer a variety of itineraries that will allow everyone to take pleasure in running in the middle of nature. From the lake shore to the highest peaks, the outings will be done in small groups in order to benefit from the personalized advice of your guide while enjoying the magnificent landscapes that will be offered to your eyes, because yes the retinas will heat up as much as the thighs!

Our adventures

Trail-running around Lake Annecy

From the edge of the lake to the top of the Tournette 2000 meters higher, Lake Annecy and its heights are full of trails leading to the most beautiful viewpoints on the turquoise waters, the surrounding mountains (Bauges, Aravis...) and the Mont-Blanc. From the wide forest path to the technical singles, there is something for all levels and all tastes. At the Annecy guide office, the mountain leaders, specialists in trail running, will be happy to help you discover the beauty of the lake with your sneakers on. From the initiation outing at the top of Semnoz to the day hike-race, they will give you advice to progress in the discipline while taking the time to make you discover the richness of the environment in which you will evolve.

More about the trail


Trail running, also called trail-running, nature running or trail running is nothing else than running in natural environment and in our case in mountain environment on hiking trails.

But running in the mountains does not mean running non-stop. Trail running alternates between walking and running according to the terrain. It is a sport in its own right that requires a good physical condition and a technical background specific to the discipline in order to be at ease in all areas: uphill, downhill, technical terrain, etc... 

But it is above all a wonderful way to discover the mountain landscapes. What could be more pleasant than a day spent mixing sport and contemplation? Because yes, the trailer knows how to take the time to sit back and observe the beauty of the landscapes crossed, the objective of the proposed outings not being to beat speed records!

So let's warm up!


Trail running requires specific equipment that must be light, technical and adapted to your morphology. 
The equipment must be forgotten, it must be one with you so that you can concentrate completely on your stride, your breath and your overall technique. In addition to the classic shorts and t-shirt, the shoes should be notched in order to adhere to the ground. Opt for socks adapted to running to avoid rubbing and therefore blisters. Your hydration bag should be as close to your body as possible so as not to move and not to create friction that could become unpleasant or even painful after several hours of activity. Inside you will find a water reserve (flasks and/or camelbak), warm clothes (long-sleeved jacket, windbreaker, tights, gloves, hat...), your safety equipment (a survival blanket, telephone...), and your snacks (cereal bars, gels, compotes...). In most cases a 5L hydration bag is more than enough for a ½ day or full day trip. 
A complete list of equipment will be sent to you when you register for an outing. 
So that's it, are you ready?


The purpose of this difficulty level sheet is to help you choose the trail best suited to your physical level and your level of practice. Your physical condition is the essential element to take into account. It conditions your performance, the management of your effort and ultimately the pleasure you will have running on the trails. Technical skills are acquired through practice and experience. The scale below takes into account the distance and the positive difference in altitude, which are used to calculate the effort required, expressed in effort-km.

All times are given as an indication on the basis of a typical hike-run outing (alternating running and walking times) allowing you to enjoy the scenery while accelerating the pace when the trails allow it.

- Duration of the outing (running time, based on an average of about 7km/h)
- Elevation gain (positive and negative) 
- Type of terrain (trail quality, slope, altitude)

Trailer beginner : Initiation and/or warm-up ride accessible to all persons wishing to discover the trail and having a good physical condition. Maximum 15 km and 600m of difference in altitude for 2 to 3 hours of trail. Outing on wide and well-maintained trails with gentle slopes. No previous experience necessary.

Occasional Trailer: Outing accessible to any person in good physical condition with experience of mountain trails. From 15 to 20km and 600 to 1000 m of ascent for a 3 to 4 hour ride. Outing on comfortable mountain trails with no technical difficulties. A first experience of trail running is a plus.

Regular Trailer: Moderate difficulty trail ride. Between 25 and 30 km and 1000 to 1500 m of ascent for 4 to 6 hours of outing max. Outing on mountain trails generally well maintained but can sometimes take place on more technical routes. A good physical condition as well as experience in trail running is necessary.

Good trailer: Trail ride of sustained difficulty. From 30 to 35 km and from 1500 to 2500m of ascent for a 5 to 7 hour ride. Outing on varied mountain terrain that can present technical difficulties (equipped and secured passages, short portions of ladders) or passages exposed to the void. It can take place off the trails and on difficult terrain such as scree. Experience in mountain trail is required. You must be physically trained.

Very good trailer: Demanding and sustained trail ride. More than 35km and/or 2500m of ascent for 7 to 9 hours of effort. A long and demanding outing that can take place at altitude on mountain terrain that can be difficult with challenging sections requiring very good experience of mountain trails. This outing is intended for experienced trailers in very good physical shape.