Safety academy Alpine Climbing Basic

Are you already climbing level V indoor or cliff routes and want to tackle routes of several lengths in the mountains? During our SAFETY ACADEMY ALPINE CLIMBING BASIC course, you will learn all the belay techniques and knowledge necessary to independently climb alpine routes of several lengths safely once the course is over. This two-day course will teach you how to build a relay, abseil, do the essential rope manipulations, as well as a lot of other useful knowledge to conquer large alpine routes.
2 days/ Annecy/ Novice
Next training :From 5 June To June 6, 2021
Price per participants2 days/ Annecy/ NoviceInformation at +33 623 436 355
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The basics of alpine climbing!


From the hall to the mountainside 

Course requirements: Basic knowledge of wall climbing or sport climbing, mastery of important belaying and knot techniques (HMS, figure-eight and prusik knots), sure lead climbing on a level V climbing wall, sure footing at the climbing site and good fitness (for 1-2 hours of climbing). 

Course goals: Learning basic knowledge and skills for alpine climbing, and prior knowledge for undertaking simple level Ill and IV alpine climbing routes. 

Course content - theory: Theory of knots, materials and belaying, introduction to tour planning, specific features of alpine climbing, use of topoguides, alpine dangers, environmental aspects. 

Course content - practical: Belaying, basic knowledge of safety and knot techniques, lead and follow climbing, diverse climbing techniques on alpine faces, abseiling. 

Training in partnership with ORTOVOX

Good to know about the training
Safety academy Alpine Climbing Basic

Supervision by a high mountain guide or state-certified climbing instructor.
Possible loan of equipment (harness, helmet and slippers) depending on availability.
Loan of collective equipment.
Accommodation, meals and other costs.
Transport to the meeting point.
Sportswear, mountain shoes, water, afternoon tea, sunscreen, backpack.
Your personal climbing equipment
You must have the basics of rock climbing: knowing how to secure and climb in the lead.
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