Global warming and buiness

Global warming and buiness

Topical subject and more and more priority for the companies, the global warming impacts our society and our lifestyles, what are the consequences on nature and in particular the mountain? How do mountain professionals adapt to this new constraint? What path to become less impactful and more respectful towards nature? A vast subject where it is not easy to find a fair course, through a seminar calling on different speakers, you and your team will be able to raise awareness, discuss and think about new innovative solutions for more resilience in the face of stakes.
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Make your business resilient

Make your business resilient

The fight against global warming presents itself as the greatest challenge in the history of humanity, our way of life, our consumption habits have modified the very composition of the atmosphere by saturating it with carbon at a rate that n has never been this since the appearance of the living on the planet.
As an individual or a company, what can we do locally to act globally?
We approach this seminar with a first day of discovery of a glacier suffering from Chamonix Mont-Blanc, an outing which can be adapted to more or less sports in order to transform the experience into discovery or adventure according to your needs , a geologist speaker will be there to tell us about the melting phenomenon that affects glaciers and landslides.
The second day is devoted to a morning of discovery of an ecosystem and a resilient or ultra-sensitive biotope with the intervention of a specialist, the afternoon remains devoted to a work of restitution in collective intelligence in order to find solutions adapted to your business in relation to the issues raised at the start of the seminar.


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Global warming and buiness

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A seminar on Annecy in an idyllic setting in the heart of the French outdoor valley, between Lake and Mountain.
Quality hotels and restaurants with our specialist partners from companies and congresses.
Quality speakers who have experience of the seminar and the conference.
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Many options are available for this seminar, we encourage you to contact us, according to your needs and your budget we will make a personalized quote.
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