Ski touring trip in Vanoise

Apr 23, 2021
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Ski touring trip in Vanoise

Are you hesitating? Multi-day ski raid? Day trip from a base camp? It all has a meaning: the raid is a small adventure, a journey while day trips mean a lighter pack.

Here is a good compromise in the Vanoise massif to get an idea. A ski touring getaway with a star route with your choice of:

  • 2 nights in Refuge de la Femma (excellent welcome and comfort with shower !)
  • OR 1 night in Refuge du Fond des Fours + 2 nights in Refuge de la Femma


Day 1: Crossing the Grande Rocheure pass from Val D’isère

Day 2: Skiing on the southwest slope at the Aiguille de Mean Martin or on the North slope on the Gefret glacier, the opportunity to go pow hunting ...

Day 3 or 4: Crossing the Aiguille de la Sana


In addition to Fauna, our oldest national park represents an infinity of very skiable terrain given the diversity of exhibitions and road access at altitude. Between the great valleys of Tarentaise and Maurienne, the summits are magnificent and, for the most part, are skiable. On site, calm and peacefulness contrast with the infinite potential of some of the most beautiful resorts in the world.

Technical info about day 1:

  •     Departure from Manchet to Val d'Isère at an altitude of 1844m
  •     Col de la Rocheure 2911m altitude
  •     Climb in North, clear. Very clear descent in the south
  •     Elevation +: around 1100m (but very gentle)
  •     Elevation -: 700 M to the Femma refuge
  •     Average slope: 25 ° / 30 °
  •     Overall schedule: 5 h
  • Advanced level - Intermediate level skiers.

Technical info about day 2 :

  • Pointe du Chatelard 3434m alt.
  • Refuge de la Femma 2252m alt.
  • Elevation +: between 850m and 1200m depending on the options chosen. Note that the summit is a little alpi; we can be satisfied with the slopes.
  • Elevation -: between 850m and 1200m. We ski on very little crevassed glaciers
  • Average slope: 30 ° / 35 °
  • Overall schedule: 4 H
  • Advanced level - Intermediate level skiers.

Descent from Barmes de L’ours to Sana Point. The summit of La Sana is not optional ... Unless you feel a little too tired, in which case we will meet up after a round trip to the top to share this great descent back to Val D’isère.

Technical info about day 3 :

  • Refuge de la Femma 2252m alt.
  • Pointe de La Sana 3436 alt.
  • Val D’Isère le Manchet 1844m alt.
  • Elevation +: between 850m and 1200m, depending on the options chosen with the summit, or the pass.
  • Elevation -: between 1000m and 1400m. We ski on very little crevassed glaciers
  • Average slope: 30 °
  • Overall schedule: 4h30
  • Advanced level - Intermediate level skiers

Relaxed barbecue atmosphere above Lake Tignes when you return from your stay. On site, meet a regional from the stage: our friend rider Cédric Pugin.


There are countless crossings in the massifs near Haute-Savoie in Beaufortain, Vanoise or Haute Maurienne.

Many options are possible:

  •     Towards the Leisse huts or Felix Faure huts
  •     Continue to the Dent Parrachée refuge, crossing the Dômes.

The panorama of every moment is a pleasure for the eyes and the slopes under our spatulas are magical. All that's left to do is enjoy!

Thank you all for the good mood: Thomas, Alexis, Pierre, Mathias, Gauthier, Louis

Guide, text and photos : Philippe Geiben