Raid à ski in Bauges

Raid à ski in Bauges

The Massif des Bauges is a mountain range located in the French Alps, more specifically in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, between the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie. It's a magnificent place, characterised by its unspoilt Alpine landscapes, peaks, forests and lakes. The Massif des Bauges was designated a Regional Nature Park in 1995 to preserve its natural beauty and cultural heritage. With a total of 14 peaks over 2,000 m in altitude, the Massif des Bauges is of average altitude, but in the depths of winter, it's perfectly possible to ski and explore the massif, which abounds in wild and varied itineraries where you'll come across very few people.
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Les Bauges,a little-known massif

Les Bauges,a little-known massif

What's special about this massif is that there are few ski resorts or mountain huts, which makes the adventure all the more interesting.
Our 4-day ski tour will take you on a loop around the north-eastern part of the Bauges, from Seythenex to Jarsy, via the massif's most beautiful peak: the Pecloz at 2,197 m.
The Alpine character will not be outdone, and you will need to demonstrate a certain ease on skis to slalom between the fir trees and on the narrow valley floor slopes.
Ridges like the one leading to the summit of Les Arlicots will add a touch of easy mountaineering to our adventure in this mysterious UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 1: Departure from La Sambuy resort (where there is no longer a chairlift) to ski the north-west face of La Petite Sambuy via the "Banc de la Linguale", one of the most beautiful descents in the northern Pre-Alps with a view of Lake Annecy. We then ski to the Col d'Orgeval / Overnight in an unguarded hut - Wild ambience guaranteed.
D+= +1100 / D-=603m

Day 2 = Departure from the Orgeval Ascent of Mont de la Coche, a delicate and technical ascent without being too difficult (possibility of including another descent on the west face of Arcalod) "Dessous de l'Arcalod".
D+= 411 m D-=-1000 m
Overnight in a valley gîte

Day 3= Departure from Combe aux Chevaux then Arlicots and Mont Pécloz depending on conditions.
D+=1894m / D-=1924mA magnificent ride that takes us over easy ridges to descend a beautiful wild combe before we reach the emblematic summit of the Bauges.
(It is possible to shorten the stage by only doing the Pécloz or Arlicot, in which case the D+ = 1315m).
Overnight in a valley gîte

Day 4 = Departure from the refuge towards the Point de la Grande Chaurionde via the Coutarse hut, then return to Sambuy.
A wild itinerary to return home, taking in one of the most beautiful descents in the Bauges, "la Grande Chaurionde", after first climbing its southern ridge.
D+=1290m /D-=962m

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Good to know about the travel
Raid à ski in Bauges

The price includes
Supervision by 1 U.I.A.G.M. mountain guide.
Overnight stays D1, D2 and D3 in a dormitory with bunk beds in the refuge.
Lunches, D2, D3, D4 (hot meal or picnic)
Accommodation booking
Taxi shuttle
Loan of an avalanche safety pack (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe) if necessary. If you have your own equipment, bring it with you - PLEASE NOTE: specific equipment can be provided on request and subject to availability.
The price doesn't include
Dinner/lunch and breakfast in an unguarded refuge on D1, to be arranged by you (Bivouac)
Transport / Car pooling from Annecy
Mountain rescue, search and repatriation insurance
Cancellation/interruption/stay/luggage insurance
Room options (single)
Mineral water, drinks, provisions and extras
Anything not mentioned in "included in the price".
As a mountain professional, the guide reserves the right to adapt, modify or shorten the itinerary according to weather conditions and/or the level of one or more participants. In this case, no refund will be made.

Any day of supervision added to the programme initially proposed will be charged at €450/day (excluding accommodation, catering and transport costs).
January to mid-March. There is normally enough snow to go down into the valleys. It can be much later or even earlier in the season once the snowpack has stabilised.
The effective daily duration of effort (rise plus descent) deducted stops can reach or exceed 6 hours.
The pace of climbing is of the order of 350 m per hour with a break at least every hour. This rhythm is sustained throughout the climb.
Participants must know how to make the specific movements of ski touring without the need for supervisors to provide them with advice.
The guides do not systematically indicate the maneuvers to be performed (installation and removal of snow knives, heaving, etc ...) except when they have an impact on the safety of progression.
On the descent, the guides fix the regrouping points. They draw a route between these two points that each participant adapts to his descending skills except in the passages at risk where the supervisors map the route to follow with precision. The pace of descent is sustained with short recovery breaks during groupings.
The guides protect the progression in the most exposed passages.
In the so-called "Alpine" routes, the basic maneuvers are supposed to be known: roped up and down in easy rock terrain, crampon progression on medium snow slopes and / or short mixed passages
Ski touring (Baton, ski shoes and seal skins)
Backpack with personal effect (ski door)
Ice ax and light crampons
Ski touring knives
Warm clothes
Strong Point of the raid
This trek takes place in the Massif des Bauges Regional Nature Park, a UNESCO Geoparc. The massif is of medium altitude, so you won't suffer from the altitude!

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