Mountain rescue training

Mountain rescue training

The mountain allows us to experience unforgettable adventures, strong moments, moments of sharing. It allows us to escape for a moment of contemplation or for a sporting performance. But as we all know, the mountain is a natural space that can be inhospitable. A small incident can become catastrophic if we don't know how to react. This is why the Annecy guides' office has joined forces with the departmental union of the Haute-Savoie fire brigade to offer you a training course adapted to your needs. This diploma course will enable you to acquire the necessary skills to deal with all kinds of accidents that you may encounter. Thanks to the teaching carried out directly in the field, with skis on, you will become the first essential link in the rescue chain.
Massif des Aravis
2 days
Price per person2 daysInformation at +33 450 57 82 59
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Mountain rescue training

Mountain rescue training

Are you trained to react quickly? Are you able to give an effective alert? Do you know how to perform life-saving actions? 
This is the subject of this training. How to react effectively to an incident, whether it is serious or benign.  
On the first day we will go on a hike full of surprises... During this progression, expect to meet clumsy skiers who cut themselves with a quarter of their ski, who choke while eating an apple, who feel unwell after a prolonged effort... and many other things that you will discover as we go along our route. Each time, using the knowledge you already have, you will learn the necessary first aid techniques to deal with the situation. This practical approach will help you to understand the actions undertaken. 

In a second phase, we will deal with the more theoretical aspects. This will be an opportunity to discuss specific pathologies. Finally, we will discuss the constitution of an ideal pharmacy for a mountaineer. 

The second day follows the same format to allow you to encounter new situations and to deal with them. You are already aware of how to use your avalanche transceiver. Good for you! We will teach you how to recognise obvious life-threatening emergencies and how to react to help. 

Our two professional first aid instructors, one a mountain guide and the other a national first aid instructor, will be keen to teach you "what to do in a situation". The basis of the programme is established in strict accordance with the recommendations of the French Ministry of the Interior's "Prévention et Secours Civique" teaching unit. This programme is completed to fully adapt to the practice of mountain skiing. 

At the end of this course you will hold an officially recognised first aid diploma, the PSC1 (first aid). You will be able to go into the mountains with peace of mind. You will also be able to use this diploma with associations or your employer if necessary. 

The main topics covered are 

Combating hypothermia 
Making a shelter (depending on snow conditions) 
Airway obstruction (choking person) 
Taking care of an unconscious person 
Taking care of a person in cardiorespiratory arrest 
Fortune-telling detentions 
Setting up a pharmacy 

Level required for this course: Level 2 - INTERMEDIATE.

Any doubts about your level in ski touring or off-piste skiing? Check out our page for all the detailed information from the office guides.

This course is suitable for those who have already learnt the basics of avalanche rescue and who wish to develop their practical and theoretical knowledge to become more autonomous.

For those who have not yet acquired this knowledge, we strongly recommend that you take part in our course on learning to use avalanche rescue equipment.


Good to know about the training
Mountain rescue training

The price includes
Supervision by a high mountain guide and a national first aid instructor
Administrative costs related to obtaining the PSC1 diploma
Training booklet
Consumables and teaching aids necessary for the training
The price doesn't include
Ski touring and personal equipment
Time and meeting place
Meeting on D1 at 8:30 am at the car park of the bus station of Thônes.
The place and time of the meeting may change. Your guide will contact you if necessary.
End of the training day: around 4pm
Required gear
Complete ski touring equipment (ski touring, boots, poles and skins)
30L backpack for your personal belongings
Ski clothing adapted to the weather
Gloves and ski mask
Picnic, water and snacks
Your own medicine chest if you wish to bring it with you

PLEASE NOTE: We use make-up which can dirty your clothes but can be washed in the washing machine.
Groups from 8 to 10 people / 2 instructors
Required level
Technical level INTERMEDIATE :
I have already done at least one ski touring and off-piste skiing; I am able to ski down a black run with ease, I ski for a whole day with some breaks. I can ski down 30-35° slopes with my skis parallel, and I am able to skid in steeper parts even when the snow is hard or ungroomed.
I ski on the edges of the slopes sometimes in bumps and powder. I can take speed and control it.

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