Mountaineering Courses : First 4000 meters

Mountaineering is a magnificent and spectacular discipline, it is nonetheless dangerous. It is important to acquire certain bases and reflexes in order not to put oneself in perilous situations. Understand and observe the mountain, acquire knowledge, and evolve safely are on the program of this 5-day course that will allow you to access a first level of autonomy. The course takes place in the Mont-Blanc massif in France on 3 Days and the last 2 days in Italy in Valle d'Aosta.
Next training :From 15 June To June 19, 2020
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Learn and introduce yourself to Mountaineering with this course.


From the first steps to the big races one has to build solid bases in order to evolve in safety.
The guides of the Office propose you here an adapted stage to apprehend at best the high-mountain and its environment at the same time magic and dangerous.
We start the course with the basics: learn to walk on a glacier and get in touch to cross the crevasses, ending with a beautiful peak of 4000m in the heart of the Alps.
You will discover an incredibly protected environment but also threatened by global warming, and you will be able to live intensely the sunrises and sunsets in high mountain from the terrace of the shelter.
Your greatest moment will surely be the joy that you will experience with your roped friends when you reach the summit after a few hours of effort and a morning awakening, a shared summit is always tastier.

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Good to know about the training
Mountaineering Courses : First 4000 meters

Required level
To be a good walker able to evolve at a speed of at least 300m / hour and to realize 1000 of elevation gain. There is no obligation to be a mountaineer, but at least to be familiar with the middle mountains and the snow. You will be equipped with crampons. It is not necessary to have a first experience in mountaineering but to get in shape is preferable.
The price included
- Supervision by a mountain guide U.I.A.G.M.
-Accommodation in a dormitory refuge- 4 nights with evening meal and breakfast included-Lunch break included.

-1 night hotel ** in Chamonix
-The lifts in A / R from the Chamonix Valley to Albert 1st.

-The lifts from Staffal -Gressonney A / R to get to Mantova.
-The loan of a DVA kit (transmitter-receiver shovel, probe) if necessary
- Loose harnesses and mountaineering helmets possibly.
-A / R Tunnel of Mont Blanc by carpooling to go to Italy.
If you have your equipment take it away, if you miss it we will lend it on request from you or give you good addresses for the rental.
The price doesn't include
- Mountain rescue, search and repatriation.
-Insurance cancellation / interruptions stay / luggage-
-Options on rooms (single) and expenses not envisaged.
- Drinks, appetizers and sodas.
-All the necessary individual equipment and mountaineering equipment to rent on site (ice axes, crampons, shoes)
-List to download here
-Hobbies: swimming pools, or other personal and cultural desires.
- Live shopping and snack
-Transport by carpooling to organize between guide and participants.
Best moment
Mid of June to Mid-September
For further information, please contact us

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