Young Trapper Course 8 - 12 years

Young Trapper Course 8 - 12 years

Come and discover nature through walks in the mountains around Lake Annecy. During this three-day course, you will be supervised by a mountain leader. He'll teach you how to read animal tracks, build a fire in the wild and build huts in the forest. By the end of the course, you'll know a lot about mountain life and how to survive in the wild.
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3 days
Next training :From 2 July To July 4, 2024
Price per participant3 daysInformation at +33 450 57 82 59
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Experts chevronnés de la montagne
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Young Trapper Course 8 - 12 years

Young Trapper Course 8 - 12 years

The aim of these three days is to enable children to discover nature through a range of activities. They will learn how to build a tree house from the elements they find in the forest, and how to build a fire without a match or lighter. The children will also be given the task of finding their way around the mountains to learn how to read a hiking map. During these walks, we'll be talking about the fauna present in our regions, as well as the flora that our ancestors used to treat themselves.

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Good to know about the training
Young Trapper Course 8 - 12 years

The price includes
- Supervision by a qualified mountain leader for the three-day course.
- Teaching materials for the workshops.
- My first Opinel knife.
The price does not include
- Picnics on all three days.
- Transport to the starting point of the course.
- Drinks and food (dried fruit, cereal bars).
- Children's hiking equipment.
Confirmed course with a minimum of 4 children enrolled - maximum 8 children per group.
Equipment required
- Good walking shoes with notches and, if possible, high heels (no smooth trainers).
- Breathable clothing suited to the day's weather (the ideal is to have several layers: technical T-shirt + fleece + windbreaker + down jacket).
- Sunglasses.
- Sun cream.
- 20-litre rucksack.
- Water (1.5 litres/person).
- A snack (cereal bars or dried fruit).
- Picnic lunch.
- Any medical treatment.
Level required
Be able to walk for 1 hour without too much change in altitude. Be in good physical condition.
Important note
The guide reserves the right to modify or interrupt the programme and meeting times at any time for weather reasons or due to unforeseen circumstances.
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