Prepare your gear

Apr 26, 2018
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Prepare your gear

Rock Climbing

The technical equipment (helmet, harness, ropes) is provided in initiation.
Come with your climbing shoes (depending on your size can sometimes be lent), lightweight and flexible pants, a cap, a t-shirt, a fleece and a windbreaker / goretex. Plan for water, a snack and cream and sunglasses.
In perfecting, normally you have your equipment, do not forget descender, strap of 120cm and / or lanyard, carabiners with screws (2)

Download the climbing checklist


You need: warm socks, rigid mountaineering boots, 12-point crampons, gaiters, warm mountain pants and tights, goretex-style overpants, warm underwear (no cotton !!!) , one or two polar, possibly a jacket, a jacket Goretex type, 2 pairs of gloves (a thin and a warmer), sunscreen, a hat, a headlamp with new batteries, a thermos, food running and a backpack of 35 to 40 L.
If you do not have one, you can provide harness and helmet.

Download the checklist type mountaineering

Ski Touring

You need: the same as for mountaineering plus hiking skis with skins and knives, a DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector), a shovel and a probe. (we can
provide the DVA, Excavator and Probe)

Download the ski tour type chek list


As for mountaineering, in addition plan spare gloves. Technical equipment (ice ax, shoulder belt) can be provided.


A small backpack (25-30L), hiking shoes or trail type, socks, cap, sunscreen, fine gloves, fleece, windbreaker / jacket
Goretex, walking pants, a waterproof overpants, warm and breathable underwear (no cotton !!!), a hat. Also plan the snack, water (at least 1L)
and / or a thermos with a hot drink.

Download the hiking type chek list


In winter, and at night, the right equipment is essential for your safety. It is essential to have warm clothes (gloves, hats, jacket etc.) but also good uppers and waterproof shoes.

Download the snowshoeing type check list

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