Safety information about mountaineering around Annecy

Jun 12, 2018
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Safety information about mountaineering around Annecy

Newsletter on the Annecy Mountains (Observations des Guides)


Prudence in the sectors of the Tournette (Massif des Bornes), where many snowfields remain in hard snow, the West (Lake) and (East) Thônes slopes are still well snow-covered, many steep firestocks require the use of light crampons to safe crossings.
We invite you to the utmost vigilance and give up if you are not equipped with the necessary equipment especially with children.

The same goes for the Aravis sector: Pointe Percée / Combe des Aravis
The snow is still very present with winter accumulations that have exceeded 4.50m of snow in the winter, the north side of the breakthrough (Normal Way) and the chimneys of Sallanches are real races of Mountaineering, it It is necessary to bring the appropriate equipment or to be accompanied by a guide.

Beware of the névés in equilibrium in the avalanche or lapiaz corridors, which can collapse under your feet: many névés of these types observed on the north side of the Tournette or even on the plateau of Parmesan and Glières.


Attention in the Massif des Aravis, many vires remain snow-covered, these spills snows and rocks above the tracks when the sun warms the rock.
We recommend avoiding grassy areas and above 2000m.

The climbing site of Biclope is closed by municipal decree.


Water flows are still important on the canyons of Angon, Montmin, Pont du Diable.
The strong current is cold snow melt water make the family practice delicate but the conditions should improve with the beautiful days.


Massif of Mont Blanc very snowy, excellent conditions for snow races, but weather highly unstable.

Weather site that we recommend:

Meteo France

Windy  (Webcam et radar météo)