Preparation of a trip

May 14, 2018
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Preparation of a trip

Preparing for an outing

In any case, it is important to approach your guide honestly your mountain experience and your fitness; in us we adapt and propose a race that suits you.


Mountaineering is quite physically demanding, but depending on the course, the preparation will be more or less intensive.
If you are able to walk 4 to 5 hours at an average pace in the middle of the mountains (300 m of altitude difference), the glacier hike is perfectly accessible.
For the higher peaks, you have to walk more intensively (5 to 6 hours at a pace of 400m / h) and even 8 to 10h for Mont Blanc.

For preparation: once a week or more, you can run or do 2 hours of cycling. Before leaving, check your bag with the lists of material available on the site; your break and relax: it's the holidays! Attention, by experience, people who are very sporty, marathon runners, cyclists are more sensitive to altitude because they tend to go too fast, so if you run the UTMB, do not overestimate yourself in High Mountain!

Nordic skiing

On a physical level, ski touring is a loaned endurance sport; it is necessary to walk with skis on the foot (.) with specific fixations for the heel of relief. If you walk the summer on average mountain and know skier, you will start without problem.

The preparation is the same as for mountaineering; a downhill ski vacation before will be beneficial. "If you have training in training" for example "10 minutes to warm up, then run to your pendant maximum 30 seconds to 1 minute according to your shape, then rest 1 minute walking slowly, then start 10 times a cycle course at bottom / rest, you will be exhausted! It's effective and does not spend significant time. However, you can consult your doctor and use your club.


Depending on the hike chosen and decided with the guide, the intensity of the effort varies, but a good base is to be able to walk at 300m altitude per hour; the duration of the hikes is variable; for a day it is generally necessary to walk for 3 to 5 hours without forcing with periods of rest.

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