5 summits to start mountaineering

Apr 13, 2023
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5 summits to start mountaineering

5 summits to go from simple hiker to mountaineer

Are you a good hiker and do you dream of climbing snow-capped peaks in a glacial environment? It's normal, what could be more natural than the call of the peaks when you love to escape during long summer days in a setting as magnificent as the high mountains.

In this article, we suggest some affordable routes in which our guides take their clients to discover the world of high mountains, some peaks are the gateway, or the beginning to become a mountaineer.

Summary :

  1. Aiguille du Tour 3540 m - Mont-Blanc Massif

  2. The Dômes de Miage 3672 m - Mont-Blanc Massif
  3. Pyramide Vincent 4215 m - Massif du Mont-Rose
  4. The Grand-Paradis 4061 meter-Massif du Grand-Paradis
  5. Breithorn Castor and Pollux 4164 m - Monte Rosa Massif

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