The most beautiful canyon of Savoie and Haute-Savoie

May 31, 2023
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canyoning haute savoie

The Pont du Diable canyon

Difference in height: 50 metres
Length: 200 meters
Rating: V4/A3/III

Located in the commune of Lescheraines, more commonly known as "Nant de Bellecombe", this canyon is located in the Bauges natural park, very steep, just the name is scary! But don't worry, the beauty of the site and the playfulness of this canyon will seduce you. The canyon is a little short, but the quality is incredible with magnificent slides, jumps and basins carved by the water coming from the steep slopes of the Bauges.
The approach to the canyon is about 10 minutes, an easy path leads to the Pont du Diable site, the course lasts 1 hour on average, with a 7 metre waterfall to start with, depending on the height of the water the jump is possible to get into the mood straight away.
It is possible to jump from the other 4 waterfalls, the highest jump is 11 metres, fortunately there is nothing compulsory.
The middle part has a very narrow gut that you cross with the help of a handrail, stumps and blocks are stuck, it's a kind of adventure course, a bit unusual but quite fun.
The end of the canyon ends with a swim of about 80 metres between cliffs, a quite remarkable part leading to a beach where it is possible to bask in the sun.
The Pont du Diable canyon is one of the natural jewels of the Parc Naturel des Bauges.

The Ternéze canyon


  • Difference in height: 20 metres
  • Length : 100 meters
  • Rating: V2/A4/I

Situated in the commune of Curienne, this is a canyon that is hallucinating in its perfection, it is a sort of natural water park, so much so that you would think there were bathers escaping the heat of the town of Chambéry just next door. That said, it is an incredible site and a complete canyon where you can find giant slides, jumps, siphons, abseils... You even pass under a spectacular arch.
The descent is done in 20 minutes, 1 minute 30 for the most agile, 30 seconds for the trout!
So you can also do it several times and have a great time with friends or family.
Be careful, in case of a significant flow, this canyon remains a real trap, do not venture without knowing the conditions and with a minimum of experience, because if it remains short, nature quickly takes back its rights as soon as the flow goes up.

Canyonning Haute-Savoie, bauges et Savoie

The Angon canyon



  • Vertical drop: 250 metres
  • Length : 1000 meters
  • Rating : V3/A2/ IV

Located in the commune of Talloires, we know what some people will say! It is a great classic, yes, but who has never descended the great waterfall of Angon one morning early or in the evening at the end of the afternoon once the hordes of professionals have passed. The atmosphere and the colour of the water are magnificent for such a technical canyon.
The difficulties are varied: jumps, slides, abseils and the famous "Letterbox" passage, an obstacle where it is necessary to pass under a huge block to go through a rather invigorating slide!
The rest of the canyon is quite classic, but has many interesting abseils.
The end of the canyon, not far from the shores of Lake Annecy, is a pleasant place to enjoy the beach, have a drink or do other activities.

canyoning haute savoie

The Belle Inconnue canyon

  • Difference in height: 200 m
  • Length : 700 meters
  • Rating : V3/A2/IV

Located in the commune of La Balme-de-Thuy, it is a very little frequented canyon, but worth the diversions, the waterfall literally plunges into a hole which is spectacular and a little frightening, but in fact, it is a large cave where one can almost detach oneself and visit the recesses. The river comes out of the cave a few meters later and the descent continues. With no less than 12 waterfalls to abseil down, the Belle Inconnue canyon is really a canyon to do if you stay in the Thônes Valley, especially if there are too many people in Angon!
Unfortunately, this canyon is often dry after heat waves or strong heat, in general, it remains practicable from June to July, for August it depends on the rainfall.

canyoning haute savoie

The Montmin canyon

  • Difference in height: 200 metres
  • Length : 1200m
  • Rating : V2/A2/IV

Located in the commune of Montmin, this is a really easy canyon but long unlike the others, there are many small obstacles to overcome in slides, jumps, de-escalation and the canyon has only one abseil of a few meters.
The canyon is overcrowded in the summer period, in general, it is out of season, or out of peak hours that this canyon is in perfect condition. The setting is still very pretty at the foot of the Tournette, and the canyon is very entertaining for groups wishing to have a good time in the water.
Many geological features line the canyon: concretions, caves, rejections, resurgences with tuff, faults, so in the end there are many things to see apart from the purely sporting aspect.
In case of strong flow, this canyon is rather dangerous, and it is recommended to go there in calm period between spring and autumn, also be careful with the risk of storm, because there are not many escape routes.

canyoning haute savoie

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