Summer is coming in Annecy Mountains

May 13, 2018
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Summer is coming in Annecy Mountains

Summer in Annecy: Canyon, via ferrata, climbing and hiking!


In the summer, the Bureau des Guides offers many mountain outings, canyoning, hiking, via ferrata and climbing.

With 3 of the most beautiful canyon, Annecy rivals the other canyon of the region. You will enjoy finishing the day at the beach at the edge of one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.
The Angon Canyon, Montmin Canyon and Devil's Bridge Canyon are part of the natural heritage that guides propose to discover during Canyon descents.

Rock climbing

Climbing is a demanding sport but the cliffs around Annecy are the ideal place for initiation. You will be introduced to climbing with a spectacular view of Lake Annecy.
Here limestone is very adherent but mostly very carved, climbing is not athletic and therefore very suitable for beginners but also experts up to 8c cliff!
The sites of Grande Jeanne, Angon, Grand Suites, Tournette, and Mt Veyrier are among the most beautiful sites in Europe.
Every year Annecy guides maintain and equip new climbing routes and schools around Annecy to help you climb safely.

Via ferrata

The via ferrata is an alternative activity to adventure park and climbing.
Cables and steps are installed on the rocks and cliffs to allow you to evolve using a system of self-insurance
We have 3 via ferrata sites just minutes from Annecy: The Via Ferrata Jalouvre, Via Ferrata Thônes, Via Ferrata La Clusaz.
Every day in the summer, guides from the guides' office propose you to discover the via ferrata.
It takes a minimum of physical conditions to be able to hoist along the cables with the help of his feet.


Hiking around Lake Annecy is one of the most beautiful activities to do in the summer, there is a multitude of trails for all levels and all ages; you will certainly have the chance to cross a chamois, an ibex or even a groundhog. Several nature reserve allow to observe the animals but also the flora which border Lake Annecy ... the trails are generally very well marked but we advise you to take a guide who will guide you in the most beautiful places.


Mountaineering, a word that makes dream more than a mountaineer. Going through the rock and ice of the high mountains gives access to a magical world. Entering these spaces of altitude is a wonderful moment to share with his companions.

If you walk regularly and love the mountains, the glacier hike is a first approach to gently introduce you to the high mountains, prelude to the rise of more demanding peaks ...

Mountaineering requires some adaptation time, progressive training to access the peaks of your dreams, but remains accessible to any good walker. Our Haute-Montagne guides will accompany you on this path of progression.

Mountaineering is a multi-faceted sport: rock climbing, snow ridges, glaciers, iconic peaks and other ice chutes, there is a lifetime for them.