Canyon de la belle inconnue

Canyon de la belle inconnue

The canyon of the beautiful unknown is an atypical canyon, not very aquatic and little traveled, it is an essentially vertical canyon with a lot of abseiling in superb cascades of fresh water coming straight from the streams coming from the mountain pastures and karst networks of the Dent du Cruet mountain (Haute-Savoie). There are no jumps or slides, but a mythical passage through an underground waterfall that requires a low flow, or even a headlamp. The largest waterfall is 32 meters high which is already a beautiful canyon rope descent! Although not as fun as the other canyons, this adventure is above all intended for thrill seekers and adrenaline seekers since you must already be autonomous for abseiling, and have experience of canyoning before you start with it. your guide in this giant resurgence a few minutes from Lake Annecy, there is no whitewater swimming portion.
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A canyon with an underground passage!

A canyon with an underground passage!

We are far from caving, but still, going down a river which disappears in a cave is not common, we do not know if the monster will release us from its entrails, but reassure you by weak flow this course is a true pleasure for those which the over frequency exasperates! You will not be disturbed by the hordes of canyoneers since the hour's hike which allows access to this very discreet canyon discourages more than one practitioner.

Located in Thônes, in the Bornes massif, it is even possible to couple this half-day canyon with the Morette waterfall, very visible from the departmental road. Thus, you will spend a day in white water in the most beautiful canyons of the Thônes valley. There's nothing like cooling off in cold pools during the summer heatwave.
To practice canyoning in this natural environment requires a good experience. If you practice climbing or via ferrata it will allow you to better understand the height, the handling of ropes and the rock movements, obviously the guide is there to supervise you and make you evolve safely.

In terms of physical condition, you need to be able to swim and walk for at least an hour uphill, with your equipment in a 7 kilo bag on your back. The course lasts between 3 and 4 hours; it requires you to be sporty and to be able to walk in a torrent in the middle of big blocks.

If you are a beginner or not very experienced, it is better to start with the canyon of Montmin or Angon Grande Cascade, first to train yourself in rope handling, but also to learn the basics of canyoning.
For this canyon, the Bureau des Guides will offer you a limited supervision in small groups of 3-4 participants maximum. This way, the guide can optimize safety and communicate with you to make the descent fun, as we attach particular importance to providing the best experience in this type of outdoor activity.

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Good to know about the adventure
Canyon de la belle inconnue

The price includes
The price is per participant.
Supervision is provided by a state-certified canyon guide or instructor.
The loan of neoprene suits, harnesses, lanyards / descenders, helmets and neoprene socks
Collective equipment for the supervised descent
3 participants minimum / guide
4 participants maximum / guide
The doesn't includes
Transport to Canyon
Food and drinks
Shoes and swimwear
Material to provid
Please bring your swimsuit, bath towel and benches or sports shoes
No "Crocs" shoes or "sandals
Required level
TKnow how to swim!
Good physical condition, be able to walk on uneven ground for 3 hours, put your head under water.
Not recommended for beginners.
Unaccompanied minors and/or minors with insufficient experience are not allowed.
Equipment provided
he water temperature is around 10°C. You will be equipped with technical equipment such as a 5mm thick neoprene wetsuit, a safety harness, a helmet, a descender, a lanyard and neoprene socks provided by us.
Favorable period
The favorable period is from June to September, the canyon can be dry in August during a severe drought, but it recharges quite quickly.
All our equipment is treated with disinfectant after each use
It takes half a day or at least 3 to 4 hours for canyoning enthusiasts in good physical condition.
The approach walk to the start of this canyon is 50 minutes on a trail. It is recommended to be equipped with good trail shoes or walking shoes. ( crocs, sandals, flip-flops, or shoes with smooth soles are not allowed)
11 abseils in all, no jumps or slides
Approach: 50 minutes
Descent: 3 to 4 hours
Return car: 10 minutes
Drop 200 m
Length 750 m
Difficulties AD / 3

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